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Scunthorpes Carpet hard floor Upholstery cleaning restortion and pest control.
Scunthorpe  01724 784187

If dirty trafic lanes, odours, stains or spills have made your carpets or upholstery look less attractive, if you need to give your home, office, hotel or business premises a refresh clean or a deep clean, it's time to call your local carpet cleaners in Scunthorpe.

With over 14 years trading in Scunthorpe and surrounding villages you can trust in us to offer the best service available.

We have under gone many course to understand the best ways to clean your carpet floors and fabrics

being the only company in Scunthorpe to be a member of the NCCA and woolsafe you can trust in us to know how to car for you floors carpets and furnishings.


 offering all methods of carpet cleaning to suit your needs, from a small spot clean to a full office deep clean

 We are also fully licensed and trained in removal of textile  pest like .Fleas beetles or moth lava   fully trained & licensed to apply insecticides safely and correctly.


We use the most powerful machines which are mounted into our van and only  the best solutions recommended from woolsafe

 in Scunthorpe, Brigg, Epworth, Crowle, Barton and all surrounding areas cleaning carpets and upholstery we can thoroughly deep clean your carpets and upholstery, fibres, fabrics and rugs to make them fresh and clean, giving them the treat they need to freshen them up.

we can offer the best carpet clean possible we also offering all types methods of carpet cleaning and hard floor restoration.



We are Scunthorpes longest serving NCCA professional carpet cleaning company (National Carpet Cleaners Association)  - membership no. 2368 . The following links confirm my membership of these professional bodies. With over 14 years trading experience you can trust in us.

we are also woolsafe service providers meaning you can trust in us to look after your wool fabrics.

We are fully trained in the use of all our products that we use and only use high grade cleaning products from to ensure longer lasting clean carpets and upholstery. 

Our products we use have been specifically designed not to leave soapy residues in carpets (soapy residues cause carpets to resoil more quickly). 

We only use wool safe products on all wool carpets.

COSHH and data safety sheets available.Also we can supply method statements and hazard reports on request.



Call Scunthorpe (01724) 784187 or mobile 07740 708866 for a free quote

Services we offer:

  • Flood cleaning
  • Pest Control(flea Beetles Moths etc)
  • Moving in/out house
  • After tenacy cleans
  • Odour/Stain removal
  • Deep cleaning
  • Maintance cleans
  • Stain removal/protecters
  • Pet/urine odour removal

We offer all methods off carpet cleaning

  • Deep Clean (steam cleaning)
  • Carpet re colouring
  • Textile & carpet pest control
  • Low moisture 
  • Solvent cleaning (dry cleaning)
  •  Dry compound (often called dry cleaning)
  • encapsulating shampoo
  • turbo drying
  • re-fresh cleans

hard floor cleaning scunthorpe coming soon

hard floor sealing polishing waxing scunthorpe coming soon

Our carpet cleaning machine is fully mounted in our van

fully powered by its own engine no need for you electric or water making it possible to work in any place even without utilities meaning faster drying times & even cleaner carpets.

We can run this machine from outside(up to 350ft away) only bringing the hose & wand in .With this we can clean carpets in 4 storey building, basements or even ships & still leave the machine outside.By have the machine outside all the moisture, bacteria & air bound particles are expelled outside & not in your house.

keeping the air you breath in you house clean and healthy and we even take the dirty water away for proper disposal


 All methods include free deodorising,  pre spay & labour cost.

We do not charge extras The price we quote is the price you will pay on the day.

We do not use bait & switch methods of showing low prices then adding extra charges for moving furniture de-odourising etc

We are fully trained with the NCCA in working to the british standard PS86:2008 and are Scunthorpeā€™s longest serving NCCA member .We work to the strict codes of conduct of the NCCA holding a certain level of insurance including insurance that covers you for the items you are working on (something which not many carpet cleaners have). It also means we have the full backing and support of the NCCA. All this gives our customers peace of mind that their carpets truly are in the hands of professionals, after all, you spend a lot of money on carpets for your home. when choosing a carpet cleaning company Check here to see if they are qualified NCCA (National Carpet Cleaner Association)


Pest Control:

We offer a full pest control service for carpets & textile pest 

From fleas Moths beetles

We have a full understanding in the life cycle of these pest making for successfully removal.

We can also offer flea treatment for end of tenancy deep cleans as required in your contract.

We are the only carpet cleaning company in scunthorpe licensed to apply pesticides this is a legal requirement do not use any company without proof.